Monday, September 25, 2017

The World Bank approved $ 11 million for the maintenance of Tribal FATA affected families

The World Bank approves $ 11 million worth of assistance to the FATA-affected families in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas, and the restoration of the area. The amount provided by the Royal Bank to the health sector The steps will be taken, while the Emergency Response Center will also be set up here for the last two years. For the last two years, the government's report regarding rehabilitation of the government through FATA military operations has been revealed and it has also been announced that this area is now Relocation is safe for the displacement, but the maintenance and release of public service delivery institutions And construction requires more time and effort.

The FATA Reform Committee has recommended FATA to integrate FATA in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province for the next five years, aimed at improving the area, people's housing, economic and economic development, local government formation and police, legal and judicial system. There is a need to bring reforms. The Islamic Bank approved 7 million rupees for the families of FATA displaced in August 2015, benefiting people from North Waziristan, South Waziristan, Orakzai Agency, Karm Agency and Khyber Agency. The World Bank announced that temporary financial support would be 3 million 26,000 families will be provided, which is estimated to be more than one lakh 20 thousand.

The number of families benefiting from this relief is also 30 thousand, with children under 2 years of age, in the same way, the number of families benefiting from children's welfare programs has been 64 thousand. This aid from the Islamic Development Agency (IDA) has taken place in 15 places in various agencies of FATA, and more steps should be taken against children's health in one stop shop. The Central Bank's Country Director for Pakistan Panchamutu said that families who migrated from this area of militancy were to leave their homes Urty the needed assistance and after returning to their homes also need assistance.

He further said that the assistance given by the World Bank will be assured that returning to homes can start their lives. The initial maintenance package has two cash grants, each family first The grant will be given 35 thousand rupees, while 16 thousand rupees in second grant will be given in the 4 month episodes. Regarding the welfare of all the affected families, 2500 rupees will be provided on the basis of monthly basis.
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The iPhone's Apple's most expensive mobile phone, but how much does it cost to build this new model?

Apple's new smartphone, 'iPhone X', made a stir at the market just as it was, due to its good performance, but due to its value. It does not mean that its features are not worth mentioning, but it is true that Apple had never made such an expensive iPhone ever. So is the real reason for this expensive phone not the latest technology and expensive components used in it? According to a Times of India report, it is not exactly because the cost of the iPhone X is $ 999 (about one lakh Pakistani rupees per unit), but the company's total cost of $ 420 (about 42,000 Pakistani rupees) has been spent on its manufacture. . That means, the company is earning 58% profit on every iPhone X.

According to the report, this expense of iPhone X preparation has been made by a Chinese website specialist, adding the costs and costs of making it all. Its most expensive component is its 5.8-inch LED screen, which is manufactured at Samsung $ 80 (about 8,000 Pakistani rupees) per unit. Thereafter, the second most expensive component is the memory of Toshiba, which produces $ 45 (Rs 4500 Pakistani rupees) for 256 GB and 24G (approximately 2400 Pakistani Rupees) for three GB rims.

Apple's one-day binary chip set price is worth $ 26 (about 2600 Pakistani rupees) while the value of the chromosome modem is $ 18 (approximately 1800 Pakistani rupees). The phone's thumbnail de sensor and top screen bazel is worth $ 25 (approximately 2500 Pakistani rupees) and the cost of glass on screen is $ 18 (approximately 1800 Pakistani rupees).
Apart from these important ingredients, other relatively minor ingredients and manufacturing costs, the total cost is about $ 420 (approximately 42,000 Pakistani rupees per unit) per unit, namely, the profit of approximately 580 (approximately 58,000 Pakistani rupees) on the sale of each iPhone X Is getting In simple words, it says "the five fingers in the cord and in the head bracelet.
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Oppo got second position in India's 4G smartphone market

Safi Smartphone brand Opo (OPPO) has made the highest sales record in the first two quarters of the year in the year 2017. According to the latest research by the GFK research agency, the smartphone brand opo for ever innovation is now in the second 4G smartphone market in Pakistan. It was announced in Lahore's local hotel in front of the media.

In July 2017, the OOP A57 and OOP A37 Smartphone remained in the list of most popular five smartphones in the Pakistani 4G smartphone market, according to the latest research research market GFK. This seems to be the OOP R11 and OOP A57 global success. According to counting research technology technology research, July 2017 was successful in achieving two positions in the list of the most popular android phones in the world.

The Oops of F3 included in the purchase of the most Android phones in Pakistan as it was the first smartphone that introduced dual cellular cameras for Pakistani purification and created a worldwide trend. Oppo is the fastest-growing smartphone brand in Pakistan, including its core smartphone models Oops F3, Opo A37 and Opo A57.

Due to the rapid promotion of OOPO, it has its design, manufacturing capability and many other features. Apart from this, different types of OOP sales, competing with users, make the competitors competitive with the strategies of marketing and marketing methods.

Due to the rapid promotion of OOPO, it has its design, manufacturing capability and many other features. Apart from this, different types of OOP sales, competing with users, make the competitors competitive with the strategies of marketing and marketing methods.

Opposition A 16-megapixel Front Camera and the most powerful features of the OOP A57 is highly popular due to seizures of youth, while the OOPA37 Smartphone offers the latest amenities with Rs 16,998.With the latest research of the GF's research, another independent research institution has revealed in the research of IDC that Oppo was globally ranked fourth in the year 2016. With the significant growth of 153% in the first quarter of the year 2016, OOPO is included in the list of five companies of the first-ever companies selling smartphones.

In the first quarter of 2016, OPO presented 18.5 million units for sale, compared to 7.3 million units in the corresponding period last year. Opposition's performance in the first row of five smartphone brand lists was the best compared to last year.
So far, over 200 million people worldwide including the use of excellent camera phone photography are available in Oppo.
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Gwadar port is the turn of C-C's commercial activities

President Mamoon Hussain said that the Gwadar port, China's economic activity, is a turning point of trade, CP related to the golden future of the region, Mary Time has played a major role in the security of the ocean, Merry TIMM Security There is a need to pay attention to the Pak Navy's efforts to ensure Pak Navy's efforts are to be given special attention to the economy, including security, security, CP will save the integrated network of bad and marine infrastructure, to protect national development and sea boundaries. My Time fields need to be developed, we have to utilize our resources, improve ocean Pakistan As is the kzyny.

Addressing the closing ceremony of the My Time Security First Workshop, Mamoon Hussain said that Pakistani nation, armed forces, and especially the Pak Navy National Security, have the right to deal with all kinds of threats, but still necessary That is a nuclear program in the region, a comprehensive plan to increase traditional naval power, new technology introduced, and the entire plan to cope with and cope with other traditional and non-traditional challenges. And focus on acquisition of debt capacity The President said this while addressing the participants of the Marie Times Security Workshop organized by Pakistan Navy and Ar College in Lahore, in which the Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Muhammad Zakaullah, Commander Pakistan Navy War also had the Judge Redeemer Mausoleum. On this occasion, the presentation of the Merit Time Security Policy, prepared for workshop participants, was also given. This presentation was given by Senator Sahar Kamran, Member Punjab Assembly Hussein Jiyaniyan Gradzi and Rear Admiral Shoaib.

Belt & Road Cooperation Agreement with China's 74 Countries and International Organizations

The President said that by utilizing the resources of the oceans in a sustainable way, the stability of the national economy can be ensured as well as protection of marine routes. He also said that my time security workshop, with regard to the Pak-China Economic Corridor, is also an important part of the hope that is a nation-oriented and especially the golden future of this region. The President said that Allah has inflicted on Pakistan with immense resources and blessings, which is also a sea which holds the status of an invaluable treasury. They have shown that the ocean's ocean resources will become a source of profitable use.The President said that the oceans have always played an important role in the political and economic situation of this planet, but their importance in the present era has increased significantly than the past. He said that keeping the facts ahead of the coming era, it is necessary not only to defend and secure, but justify the right priorities under concrete study and strategy about this important sector of the national economy so that In the changed circumstances, when global trade and routine routes turn towards Pakistan, potentially can be benefited from opportunities.

The President said that this fact should always be kept in view that the activation of pure China economic radar will not only come into existence of one port and connect different areas through a highway, but in both bad and marine areas Infrastructure will be sealed. He said that in order to bring Pakistan's navy resources, there should be a clear procedure in our minds, because this matter is not limited to bad and sea merchandise only.Therefore, after the activity of the economic radar, we will have to pay special attention to some other important fields, including shipyard, shipbuilding industry, engineering sector and fishing, ship shipment, portfolio, and paddle marine minerals. Renewable energy and coastal and ocean tours from nutrients, naval sources are particularly remarkable. Therefore, keeping in mind the future requirements for the stability of the national economy and the protection of the marine boundaries of the country's dearest, these fields should be fully developed and the best facilities of their covenant should be multiplied. Along with this, it is also important to look after the concerns and risks of the Pak-China Economic Corridor and take steps to protect it.

Talking to Parpagara on the leadership of Mustafa Kemal of PSP delegation, discuss political situation in Sindh

The President congratulated them on offering useful recommendations to the participants of the My Time Security Workshop and hoped that other relevant national institutions would take appropriate decisions by considering these recommendations. The President said that the Navy is entitled to the blessings of the Navy that despite the limited resources for the development of the My Time Sector, which have served as a worthy price. He expressed that Prana Navy and its affiliates will continue to serve as the next national spirit.
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Cricket can not be completed without Pakistan

Former National All-rounder Abdul Razaq said that PCB steps are appreciated for the recovery of Pakistan in Pakistan, improving regional cricket and ongoing efforts for finding new talents have proved to be impressive, after retirement from cricket The cricket team will not be able to complete cricket, PCB has been appreciated for the maintenance of international cricket, and these steps are now gradually in the international cricket restoration of Pakistan. Getting a big help.

Did Shane Warns the actress of shameful movies? The cricketer himself came to the field, saying pornography actor that everyone was amazed.

It is a good idea to hold the cricket match in Miran Shah, which has shown a clear message in the world that Pakistan is a safe country, the ongoing steps to improve the regional cricket and finding new talents have proved to be impressive. Talking to media on the occasion of the cricket tournament named KARACHI Naveed-ul-Hassan, Abdul Razzaq said that World Xi's arrival came after Zimbabwe after getting the help of international cricket in the country. Is. Pakistan is a peaceful country and without that, cricket can not be completed, PCB has been praised for the maintenance of international cricket And due to these measures, it is now getting a lot of help in the slowdown of international cricket in Pakistan, the future of cricket is bright in Pakistan, and the cricket board will have to take more steps to find talent, to establish cricket academy in this regard It's upset.

PSL3, Ahmad Shahzad and Amarkarmal decide to finish PSL teams

He said that after retirement from the cricket, he will continue to serve for the promotion of cricket because this game gave me the wealth, reputation and honor, he said that there is cricket in Pakistan talented talent For cricket courses on Grass Route Level, Cricket Clubs patronage and educational institutions need to promote cricket and this is my services for cricket board. He said that we are more prone to respect our country's honor, respect, than ever before the player who has given us honor and honor.He also visited various fields of Rana Navid-ul-Haq cricket academy and said that such a big cricket academy is a encouraging step in a backward district like Sheikhupura.
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The cricketer involved in the PSL fixing case got less sentences

Pakistan cricket team former captain Ramis Raja said that cricketer involved in the PSL fixing case has been given few sentences, now it is being prepared to bring Salman Butt.

Ramp Priya from the Cricket Ground Ground of the Indian Women's Team Captain Hermann Parish Cor
According to details, Pakistan Cricket Team former captain Ramiz Raja has been a tough stand on a corruption case. Former Test Opener is counted in cricketers who are involved in spot-fixing and match-fixing. In his latest message on the social media, he says that cricketer involved in the PSL fixing case got fewer sentences Now Salman Butt is preparing to bring.

He said that cricket is a game of cricket, but if the policy affecting cricketers affecting the reputation of this game will be adopted, instead of giving tough sentences, then it is a natural process to slow down the love and affection of this game. Speaking of the Sri Lanka series against the Sri Lanka, Chief selector expressed his satisfaction over the fitness of Salman Butt's main role in the spot-fixing, saying that the wisdom to bring them back to international cricket Practical will be supported. Team critic T20 opener was criticized for being captain of Lahore as well.

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Two big news which everyone did not know

Following the success in the constituency 120, the second major news poll for the Muslim League (N) is approved by the Bill (B) amendment of 2017.

This bill will replace a political partner issued by the Musharraf government, and through this the scope of the election commission will be broader to hold independent and fair elections. Under the law made by General Musharraf, political parties The conditions were taken for leadership. Before each member of every political party had the right to be able to lead their party.

In order to get rid of the politics of Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif, this thief door was invented that the person who would not be eligible for being a member of the parliament would not be able to head their party. (In absence) was sentenced to death. Naveed Sharif was also not eligible to be a member of the parliament after the punishment. In order to participate in the election process, Makhdoom Amin Fahim was appointed as a new party under the leadership of Makhdoom Amin Fahim. And the assembly formed its role in the assembly formed after 2002 elections.

The leader of PML (N) was handed over to Makhdoom Javed Hashimi, but later this responsibility was put on Mian Shahbaz Sharif's shoulders. Nawaz Sharif's absence was not ended, he could not handle the party leadership. In the era of General Musharraf, "Doo Moore" was also demonstrated that the third time Prime Minister (Modify any person) Be banned.

Both Benazir Bhutto and Mian Nawaz Sharif came to know about it ... Even if he was elected as a member of the National Assembly, even if he took over the leadership of his party, the Prime Minister could not have been able to compromise the two Prime Minister twice. It was different that Ms. and Mian Do not let each other complete the trim.

Two times after the oath of the prime minister's oath, at the same time, none of the two could complete the five years. General Zia-ul-Haq and his main military remuneration were disguised as Bahawalpur, in 1988, (eleven years later) could hold holding presidential elections. In 1977, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was accused of hitting the election which had taken place and 9 Jamaat Pakistan National Alliance (PNA) formed against him had come to the field in the field that Bhutto was fitted with his power. And Pakistan has also announced to disseminate four months after the election of a National Assembly (and provincial assemblies) for the first time (perhaps) in the parliamentary history of the world.Only one point of view in these elections proves that in the elections since 1970, it was the first and last time that the PPP should get more than 58% (more than a) vote. Since 1970, till today, During the most popularity period, it would have been less than 40 percent. The record for more than 18 percent of votes was set in the 1970 elections, calling out that the electoral process has been bleeded: the silence will be heard by the person who will remain silent.

Understand them all compulsory, Tauser was to be confused with Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif. Benazir Bhutto became prime minister in 1988, when President Ghulam Isaac walked in 1990, the new election made Nawaz Sharif prime minister.1993

Then I was sentenced to death and President Ghulam Ishaq (Benazir Bhutto's martyrdom) dissolved the assembly of Nawaz Sharif. Consequently, himself had to go home, but Benazir Bhutto's way of power was resolved. The new prime minister, Farooq Laghari, made his president, but he treated the same thing that Ghulam Ishaq Khan had done before Were there Leghari Sahib was also supported by Ms.'s rival first.

When Benazir took control, Benazir Bhutto was in his position. The prime minister's decision to dissolve the National Assembly was terminated by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, but General Pervez Musharraf showed a direct move. Although Ms. Benazir was abroad, his open arms have become part of the history. Pervez Musharraf intended to save eternal life from both of them (women and women), so the Ministry's prime minister was not allowed to achieve the third time by amending the Constitution.

It was possible through the 18th constitutional amendment, but at this time Ms. had left the world. Now this problem was of Nawaz Sharif only, to clear their way, the PPP and some other political parties have to accept these things.

In all this detail, it is known that despite all the obstacles, Ms. Benazir Bhutto and Mian Nawaz Sharif could not stop the fact that both of them had their own vote bank. With Ms. Benazir, the formal "NRO" was terminated and the cases against his husband and his constituency were terminated. Ms.'s return was returned, so King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia refused to keep Mian Nawaz Sharif in his custody. According to General Pervez Musharraf, both of them came to Pakistan by becoming the message of death. Prithvi, despite having plenty of water from the bridal bridges, Pralala is such that Nawaz Sharif is becoming a maternal uncle despite Musharraf becoming prime minister.

They could not take a decisive trial but they showed them disqualified. The power of Nawaz ended. He had to bury Shahid Khaqan Abbasi of his own party on the throne. In addition to legislative law legislation, the presidency of the Muslim League had to be handled, but they did not give up. The contestant's 120-year-old selection lady, in London, won her. His dear daughter Mary Nawaz Sharif refused to miss both mother and father, and made an election campaign. A few days later the Parliament ended the condition of holding the members of the Assembly for elections by the Election Bill 2017, saying that there was no barrier to the leadership of their PML (N).

There is no majority of the Muslim League (N) in the Sen, but such conditions arise that the bill was passed here by the majority of a vote. Aitzaz Ahsan failed to stop Nawaz's route by editing it ... The opposition's opponents on the sidelines of politics got second time ... The necklace here is permanent and not win. The condition is that the idea of thinking goes away, and the chess game is played as a chess game.

There can be a lot in the world of constitution and law that opponents of Nawaz Sharif should get hands. It's time to bend a walk or not to fight. Nawaz Sharif should be angry or spit. Take care of your community, keep your partner with you, do not break your rings, and get your tricks.
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Europe's Gypsy an intersting story

The writing movement of this article was a journey to my train last year until Rome to Barcelona. Italy's tourism departments at Rome's railway station have considered me foreigners and give some instructions on their routine. The main reason for this was also to be careful about the Gypsy pockets of women in Barcelona's railway station. The Italian tourists also said that they are also in crime-free Gypsy Italy, but most of their numbers and crimes are more in Spain.

I did not even see the European Gypsy before. However, at Barcelona's railway station, I definitely saw women who were in European clothes, face to face on face. She was wearing long skirts in the dress.

Some were torn on the head, the face of the face was white like copper, hair and eyes were black and nose. Some naked footwear and some old-fashioned high-heeled shoes, which we were called Gregory in the old age. (Today's women say they are Heels), because I was already aware, so I was cautious. An innovative and good designer made a hand in front of me. I saw that the same girls were targeting the trains and the tourists too. The old mothers or the old railway station in the corner of the pure railway station were also eating burgers, and these young girls were also indicating "hunting" by indicating.

Nevertheless, I was out of confidence that I saw 2-3 young managers, "fall down" on an old Japanese couple fighting artificial fights. The Japanese stupa saw the fallen ones and saved them from "falling" while saving them from "hurt", these girls sprouted the Japanese girl's curse and immediately got rid of them. Have gone "I am impressed" before me because I was aware of these monuments, so I was looking at the fight of those girls in a deep sight, and seeing me was impressed, "Baba, Babi" 'Did not even know. Well, I spent a week in Spain with caution.

In 2013 alone I went to Uzbekistan. There are also plenty of pilgrims in the city of Bukhari and also historical buildings. I see the form of European gypsy, but begging women in Uzbek. Actually, a little more was known by about 80 gypsies when I was a manager for some time at my Saudi bank's Nights Bridge branch. A man who had a daily cleaning machine in the branch came.

It was some of the Islamic names, but we were named Namibasis for Pakistanis or my Saudi associates. The bank's security staff said it belonged to a Gypsy family, which is like a drop in Ireland for the past 100 years. The Jupiter family from Turkey to Germany and Hitler from Germany made them like a Jew like a Jew, later a car of more than a thousand refugees of the Jupiter was settled in Ireland. I was surprised that these traders Get some information about. The name of the cleaner was delightful, but it was called as a cover of pain, which obviously was a useless name for us. One day I had security that I want to meet him not to let the poets go.

I told him very loudly, Islam. I was watching happiness now on her face. He told himself about himself or his grandfather from Antalya (Turkey). Old people speak German in his house and speak a mixture of young Roman languages and English. Their tribe is Muslim but nothing is known about Islam. He is a Muslim but only to the extent of the name. There was a grocery store near my house. The owner of the shopkeeper was the only person who was the only person, but the people of the locals did not call Jupiter but (Roma) Roma. I became more easily now that I could know about the generation of these romantic creatures. I was unaware of Mr Smith at somehow.

According to Smith, not Europe, but all the world's Jupiter came from Punjab, Rajasthan, Bengal. When the Government of India became the ruler of India (the Turks of Turkmenistan), they were immortalized in the Muslim countries of Antalya and its peacock. Even in India, it was not widely viewed. Somewhere he was called Oud, somewhere screwdriver and Tipi Vasi and somewhere dom. Since Mr. Smith had read a little bit of reading and most of his customers were Indian and Punjabi Pakistanis, Mr. Smith told me some of the words of his Roman language that are really fun from Punjabi (Rohtikki Punjabi) and Rajasthani Hindi.

The country in which people went, mixing local languages with their morphological language became a number of types of languages, but some basic words are still set up in their Roman zuban, which I have written above. In India, a branch of these spots was called dom. Older Pakistaniis will surely see the domains dance dancing. Even today we will look at the dolls and horoscope domains. Since the Dom Nation's task was to sing songs of joy, some of them were employed by the Rajas of Gilgit-Baltistan.

These people were called Domki in Gilgit-language and their language was called Domki. Anyone in our politics still exists with domain name. I did not know his full name, but before writing this article I did not know anything about the Domi tribe.

In the beginning, in the year 1100, these bedsmen migrated to the West by wave wave (Episode War). He did not even have to do anything except to commit crimes, to work hard, to beg and sing. However, after staying in a few states in Europe, he took (especially for women) the fate of the fate, and it was a great success. The difference between the transformation was coming to them, they used to use a variety of asbestos as they used to describe fate.

You will surely see such a movie in Hollywood movies. Jupiter is around 80 lakhs in the world at this time. The majority of their population is in Turkey, Romania, Spain, Bulgaria, France, and Hungary. Jupiter, who lives in Turkey and Central Asia, calls himself Muslims as the remaining Jupiter is associated with the East Roman Catholic religion. 80% of these European monuments still live like homemade demons. The remaining 20 percent of the Jupiter writing work have become a citizen. They have a standard romance language written in Latin characters. Those who have become civilized and educated now are seen in respect to their respective countries. But the jurisdictions of those Jupiter who are still in the subcontinent are still counted in criminal and low caste.
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It's not time to tie

Prime Minister Pakistan Shahid Khaqan Abbasi met several leaders, including President of the World Bank, President of the World Bank in New York on the occasion of the annual meeting of UN General Assembly.

Leaders of the world generally tie different colors with coat and paint in such meetings, but Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi did not do any such meeting.

A photo came from a glance in the last day in which the Pakistani delegation is participating in the meeting of the United Nations General Assembly under Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi. All the people present in the country have kept tie even in the UN The permanent mate was not released from Ms. Malahda Lodhi, she has also given shape to her two feet, but Chief Executive Pakistan's Prime Minister Abbasi did not even tie here. My mind was questioned that it was a special occasion, why not even our Pakistani Prime Minister tie in this important meeting. While responding to the various questions during the meeting with Council on Foreign Relations, Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi Also explained the cause of tie.

When Prime Minister was thanked for a long time after questioning and answer, he laughed and said that he had studied at a California school where he was told that Tie was justified in California. Yes, when you are married or after your death, my last rites are being paid. The Prime Minister smiled and said that there is no chance of them today.

After the announcement of Prime Minister Abbasi, my intellect was fascinated that how many times MNA and federal minister living in the US educational institutions, how is an airline claiming such a claim. I started researching the pictures of Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi on the internet. I hit Internet Explorer, but there was no picture of them, in which they were tie, they would appear in national wear only. There are stalks or vest ornaments of shawl shirt, their clothes seem to have a glimpse of simplicity and profit.

Even tie photo could not be found on the occasion of their marriage. In one place she has worn her husband during the oath of prime minister while she was a national or constitutional requirement. The prime minister has presented a tie-up to his place, but one thing is clear that he is simpler. Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi is also the ghazi of the role with the conversation, what he says as well.

He practically proved that it is not time for tie, but it is time to explain the principle of Pakistan on the world. During his visit to America he met a meeting with Seventy-seven meetings, addressed various forms, he said that President Trump has also got informal talks, but Taqi's absence may be a barrier. Instead of placing tie, he continued to offer Pakistan a full standpoint.

Addressing Pak Pak-US Business Council, Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi said that Pakistan took untold financial and financial losses in the fight against terrorism, but Pakistan achieved major achievements in the fight against terrorism. There is an atmosphere of peace and democracy in Pakistan, there are vast opportunities for investment in Pakistan.

Pakistan is an economist for investment, so American companies take advantage of economic opportunities in Pakistan. Prime Minister said that situation in Pakistan was improved, but the global media did not show the right image of Pakistan. Regarding Afghanistan, the Prime Minister said that Afghanistan is working closely with the US to resolve the problem.

During the meeting of the World Economic Forum Chairman, Class Shoaib, Prime Minister Abbasi said that the government not only focuses on public sector but is also working for the promotion of private sector because private sector is engineered in domestic development. .

Class Shohab, Chairman of the World Economic Forum, acknowledged that there are big opportunities for cooperation in various sectors with Pakistan, Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi agreed with the class residency saying that we have increased resources for the West from the West. Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan said that China's economic growth is a major investment from China, which will open new ways of development.

Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi described the position of Pakistan along with the United Nations General Assembly in a very narrative statement. In India, Indian protest, inaccessible firing on the control line, translated the Pakistani stand on every issue including massacres of Rohingya Muslims. Bill Gates, also working for anti-polio in Pakistan.

Besides, the Rohingya meeting in OIC also attended the meeting and was also attended by the CEO of the World Bank. The Prime Minister presented the position of Pakistan effectively, which has been received from every side.

Dusserts in Kashmir were presented in a number of pages containing 300 pages. Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan said that there is no terrorist sanctuary in Pakistan. We have fought this terrorist, whose rest of the forces did not face. If any country in the world is fighting against terrorism then it is Pakistan.
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From the world of books

Ladies and gentlemen! The book operates with human life since ancient times it has come. Since the writing process has started, the book has been the best friend and partner of man, but in the era of this computer and mobile phone, we have gone far away from the books.

In this technology, it is also part of the book publishers and publishers, who have increased the prices of books that it is now getting out of the public readers. Perhaps you agree with me that the majority of qualified readers who are reading books are unable to afford the expensive books, and those who are entitled to afford, buying or reading a book is very less. People will eat five thousand meals at a time, but will not buy 500 books.

We have some reservations, some sorrow, and trends regarding the growing prices of books, which are giving readers a lesson through this column. Many people like us, who have the interest and love of study but are not able to afford, will also be good ... some of our publishers have published books and books as a profitable business. But not the literature and promotion of literature. Their aim is to print and sell expensive books and earn profits. Gia is not available onion, publication of books is to be done, the purpose is to earn money.

Last week, we read a comment on the book of Eider's Great in a newspaper "We Were There." It was so interesting that the books went to buy, but after seeing the price of the book, they returned back and came straight to the "stall" of the old books taken on the footsteps between Ankara Kale and Government College. Believe us from this book, we found eight books on half the money, including Mukhtar Masood's "Voice Friend". It was not our first experience to buy books from here, but from the time of college, we have come across the sea of knowledge and literature.

Here you find similar such rare books in Urdu and English, in a very affordable price on almost every topic. Apart from this, on the Mall Dome, on the Maldives, the Holy House House celebrates the old books. Here we often list books with our knowledgeable friend, Dr. Arshad Ali, and then buy in Pak Tea House. Remindly comment on this treasury. The book's exhibitions and festivities are also a source from where you can buy cheap books. Anyway, this opportunity becomes the source of a healthy literary entertainment. Here we go with our daughter Nikki Akhtar to connect with the books of this race, otherwise "Had Hazrat Mobil and Computer" have touched today's generation from Urdu literature and book.

You will remember when the month's "National Digest" started the month, it was completely published in one of the earliest books in it. For example, "I saw Dhaka drowning" by Sadiq Salaik, we read it and today is preserved in our "Book Treasure". This series also continued in "Urdu Digest" and "Planet Diesel", where we read the early chapters of the Shahabat of Power Allah Shahab which was later published in a booklet. This series seems to be overnumbering, but the digesters have published a series of unique books, which are not less than a treasury.

This chain is continuing, which we have benefited from. However, Allah bless him, Agha Amir al-Husain, who has been publishing a long-term book and scroll of his book "Spotting". The price is too low and the printing standard is also better. "Spout" is a living example for our expensive publishers that book can be published at a reasonable cost. We have read many rare books in "Spouting", especially the scroll of English books are a valuable treasure. There is no reason to compare here, but it is necessary to show an idea that this can happen.

Precious books will be published by the publisher's business and it is also their discretion, their right, but also to go out of the general readings of these books is a tragedy. In particular situations, when today's generation books, especially the literary books, are far away, it is more important in such a situation that the less expensive on cheap paper to generate creative writers, poets, historians, intellectuals' creations. Be published in.

We remember that in our student times Feroze Sans, Ghulam Ali and Sons, masterpieces, etc. used to publish cheaper books. Syed Qasim Mahmood continued this series with great success. We have bought books by Ibn Insha, Mumtaz Mani, A Hamid, Nawaz and other writers at a very low price in A-4 size.

ladies and gentlemen! However, we appreciate the development of Majlis-e-literature, Institute of Publications Pakistan, Institute of Culture Islamia and other government-owned publishing houses, which are printing very affordable books. Lastly, if Ashfaq Ahmed's lover "Angle", "So, then," Shah, the ruler who wants to read, should find a donor like NGO. Sadly regret that we decorated books such as Loan suites, modern cars, LCD television, house plots, so that the prices can be seen only by ordinary people, can not buy.
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To keep me in wonder

These circles embrace that if they go to their husbands, they do not turn quickly, while the warrants are being used instead of marrying Ashaar Dar, while the PML (N) constitutes it as official government. Do not look forward to paying attention to it! ... Such a laugh at the media channels that say that small mothers are in their minds, listen to them, so it seems that the Muslim League (N) Do not do the same as they are streaming TV cameras. Shahbaz Sharif is the Punjab and Khalid Khalid, they are the names of Shahbaz Brain, they have nothing to do with the deal, their establishment from the establishment to the judiciary, ... can catch him by the flight of Shahbaz, There are more books than they are 'dense', Pakistan is a great part of politics.

General Musharraf's statement on BBC's testimony from above! ... Alaman, Alaman !! ... But those who think Zardari and Musharraf are fighting are misunderstanding, because they are on their stand. The problem is that it is Pakistan 's simplest task to defame Zardari, while Zardari himself likes to do his own wounds with nails as a mighty one. In fact, Zardari has become a tyrant, which is the life of the PPP, while Musharraf sings in Dubai while embroidering the invasion and integrity of his opponents and hunters of tiger from their peaks, Imran also behind Zardari It is because every time their hair is straight on the front.

Imran Khan is also the head of a Musharraf not only a Musharraf, while near the PPP constituencies, the next turn is again the funeral of the mausoleum of Zardari, whose taste is feeling only the same. After all, Tahir-ul-Qadri seems to be re-emphasized after the Lahore High Court's verdict, but this emphasis is less and less visible. They have created the Model Town as a problem of Fascism and philosophy, and they do not let themselves or the people find their affection.

The prime minister is the skyscrapers or the sources of unity in the United Nations, whatever he has decreed and has made one word of his language, he is followed and the service guard is also behind him and Maulana Farooq Sattar too!

Apparently it seems that there has been a tremendous difference in Pakistani politics, but in fact it is a situation after the ball arrives in the eye when a person gets rid of everything left and feels like everything blinds and water erosion. Even the atmosphere can not be removed

God appears that the blasphemy politics is now considered serve as a nation and nation, instead of doing something at its own level, it is considered political conquest to describe the tongues of the Prophet That they are making justice on their own, and they are striving to get rid of public interest, no one can say that they will be ahead of what will happen, TV against the Muslim League (N). According to channel shows show tonnes of tonnes of tons, charges are being made on allegations, and Nawaz Sharif's return is to be done, such as Tarzan's I, but the return of a street and circles are suggested to clean the lens of fairness and justice from the courts.

Imran is getting rid of free free from all over the country, it has happened that the vacant Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) did not have the PML- N (PML-N) bridge, it was a separate thing that Nun's magic is still in Punjab and Nungegi Leadership is in dream of dictatorships, who want to be the most lonely and to be mixed together to become one!
To complete an interest interest
I am surprised to parable.
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GT Road's stand and bitter groundwater facts

Pakistan is probably the only country in the world whose political leaders go out of the country after depriving power and do not come back until the time for new power is done. Now Nawaz Sharif is out of his family, and there is no hope in the near future to come back. Asif Ali Zardari has also gone out suddenly and he has not forgiven to stay in Pakistan for two days after Pervez Musharraf's allegations that he had assassinated Benazir Bhutto and Murtaza Bhutto. Therefore, there are still many motives that they too Maybe Pakistan does not come soon. Musharraf is already outside and if he does not have the hope to meet the power, he will not come back. The Pakistani leadership has been seen to be afraid of facing the law.

The law from which they keep toys in the days of power, becomes a scary dream for them coming out of power. Sharif family is calling NAB and Pervez Musharraf is also afraid of the anti-terrorism court, Asif Ali Zardari, that no new case should open, but all these people consider the law as a lambs, but when they become mistress Let's go abroad.

The hardest time has come to the Sharif family. Everything says power has kept some positive thing ... If Begum Kalamum Nawaz was not sick then what excuse Sharif Sharif would have stayed in London? Now, NAB is calling on Nawaz Sharif and family to return to Pakistan because of the disease of Kalcum Nawaz, if this was not an excuse, what type of recipe would be used? Everyone is praying for the health of Begum Kalamum Nawaz, but because of this, NAB can not postpone hearing reference references indefinitely. From above, Ishaq Dar is the ruler, whose NAB court has issued warrants.

Now, even if they take the same position that they can not leave Bahamas Kalamum Nawaz in this condition, then it will be forgiven that everyone understands Bagmah Sahib's misconception. Everyone knows that the real matter is not this, nor can it be done in such a manner.

Ishaq Dar has also placed a design with him and that too important, so his non-attendance has not been possible, he is resigning, then what is the delay in it? He is the employee of an office, not the finance minister of the country, and his own assets have been frozen by the NAB, but as far as he has the assets of the Finance Minister, they can not be frozen that the country To proceed, therefore, keeping the responsibility of the affairs and affairs of the country by displaying the responsibility, they should leave their office charge. This is a matter of fact and legal, because in a reference, those accused have been nominated.

As far as Nawaz Sharif is concerned, in my opinion, he too should face the NAB references coming back to Pakistan, because now the absenteeing work can further worsen, there should be no Karmaja. They correct the status of their GT Road and consider the 120 results of the constituency publicly supported by it, but they will surely acknowledge the fact that the GTT's motive is a constitutional or legal status. Does not keep If you believe the GT Road's role, then the rest of the institutions will become zero and each will have an easy way to get the long march on the GT Road and make legal decisions blow in the air. If the Nawaz Sharif was expelled from a dictator's hand or administrative decision, GT Road's position could have benefited them.

Appeal was the right to appeal to the family of the family, she was used right and the decision continued. Mian Nawaz Sharif should acknowledge that he has become unable to face the judicial order, now he should not turn back again and ask, "Why did he drive them out?" But it should be noted that How can you legally defend yourself? It can not be possible now that one morning they get sleepy and they get the good news that all the cases are over and their disadvantages have also ended.

This kind of charisma will no longer be. Being a NRO could have benefited before the decision was taken, no NRO can now end up ineffective because the Supreme Court decision is unmatched by such kind of political decisions.

The matter which focuses on must be focused on, the political party should be united as the PML (N), because if it becomes a desperate, then its political credibility will end. After election reforms by the Sen and after the approval of the National Assembly, if Nawaz becomes the PML-N President, he will still need to take all the steps together to keep the party united. It is not clear now that this bill also makes the law, if it becomes formed, is it challenged by the Supreme Court to be unconstitutional or not? I do not have anything to do with these hackers near me. Grip on his party will be weakened.

They should now play their role as party leader instead of presidency. Shahbaz Sharif has heard that the PML-N has been taking the formula to unite. If you believe that Nawaz Sharif is more than his sincerely friend, then he will be ready to make decisions which prove to be beneficial for the Muslim League and the self-elected family Also for.

Maryam may be his successors, but there is still no mention of the signature, yet they are completely in politics. Right now, his role should be a leader who is satisfied with everyone. If they lose Shahbaz Sharif and Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan in this delicate phase, then it would be a big loss for them. Nawaz Sharif should also keep in view the fact that he has left the country himself, while in 1999 he was pulled out by Pervez Musharraf and allowed a ten-year agreement.

At that time, he was convicted of special court, now he has declared the Supreme Court ineffective. If they want to prove that his GTT position is correct, then he will have to prove the allegations wrong in presenting in the NAB court. On both sides of political and judicial matters, they have to reject decisions against facing reality, but it may not be possible that they sit in London and use such measures that cause the defamation of Pakistani institutions, a large politician and country. Being prime minister three times as a prime minister, he has to keep his prestige and also honor the country's supreme ... Those who do not face the law, how good and merciful they are, doubts are definitely created. Sharif family is also going through this process.
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Brown tablet in the nose of democracy

My friend, Khan Khan, is a colorful kind of man, if we speak on his performances, the narrative of "al-leli" will be spoiled, he has a secret in every act that does not open on every one ... Since we are both friends, mostly together, I have come to know about some of her plays.

For example, "Tarmar Khan" gives a different style of keeping or sucking brown. If he keeps the smell on the right side of his lips, it means that he is absolutely nervous, but the same if he is left On the other hand, it means that she is in some thought and if the smell attempts to cover the top of the lips, it means that she is in a deep impression which is being eaten inside Yes, but when he attempts to bend in the brown nose made of "bullet" then I understand what he wants,When Imran Khan is less and more opposed to the party, he feels very uncomfortable in those situations, and then suddenly makes a big "tablet" of the smell of smell of smell, and then nose it. I try to put this brown in her nose, after four seconds she gets a big snake before she opens her mouth and then gets the voice of "Come" again. Before I instruct you to get out of the eye sign, I get out of the room at the same time, but the things that are coming out are on the first snake. Get half died, are not yet recovering it are poor that cried out for a sneeze Khan .This is the time when all the sources get out of the room at a speed of electricity and are first in the bathroom as they go home ... And when the exit is in the form of a command. It is the second thing that I can go back to the room after half an hour back, but surprisingly, Khan Khan is completely stuck in a cigarette and cigarette cigarette is also mine, namely "Gold Leaf" 'I am suffering, I feel very sad that a brownsmith is wasting my Gold Leaf cigarette, but since I am a friend, then I'm patient.

I recalled that I have kept a bullet of smell in our nose of our democracy today, as well as listening like snacks at national level, yesterday, Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan has been strangely saying that Prime Minister and the Prime Minister and The External Affairs Minister should avoid giving statements regarding home cleaning. Actually, Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan is becoming a "guardian" non-declaration of "democracy" today, he is seen repeatedly criticizing the government Last day, he said about Mary Nawaz that he can not become an illiterate. Mir Nawaz should have asked him to ask his uncle how Benazir could become Benazir's daughter? Mary Nawaz had to think that Anakal should have his own "Bhutto" and Benazir in every era, whatever politics is in the moment, Bhutto's time, Benazir, and Ziaul Haq Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan is also present, Chaudhary Shujaat of the moment itself is also present. Praise be to him.

One more snatch that is on the lips of almost every political party is "break" to the Sharif family. Every politician wishes that this family should be "broken" in some way, otherwise it is not possible to eliminate their politics, can be kept out of politics for more than four years, but it People will be back again.

This family of politics is "formula" new, it was first tried to bring the "slave" to the "public" to break "parties" and then it has been tried that the whole party is broken. So, the PML (N) was completely broken in the era of General Musharraf ... Now after the failure of these two experiences, the "Family" broke-up scheme is being started and it is being tried that Shahbaz Sharif and Sharif It is no doubt that Shahbaz Sharif is the name of a noble person, a person who wakes for 24 hours Neither does he rest himself nor let him work with him. He is a popular leader till the time of poverty, people of other provinces also like him on his services in Punjab, but Nawaz Sharif is at a national level People are popular, people like Nawaz Sharif and they value it as the leader of the Muslim League (N), if separation between the two brethren or political factions is publicly visible for some reason. Gets done So I think that this will harm Shahbaz Sharif and at this time those who are on their mission with such desire will not get anything, but I think that at any time, whatever inside the Sharif family The decisions are happening, they are not being done by mutual consensus, but on mutual basis, and this family is moving forward with a political strategy that women and gentlemen can not understand "kindness".

Actually, Shahbaz Sharif is trying that in some cases, "Hola Hola" should be kept and I believe that in the atmosphere of London, it has been decided that Shahbaz Sharif kept "forward" at the time of difficulty. So, now the real "game" is in the hands of Shahbaz Sharif and he is moving "game" with full intellect. Going to the family of the Shah family and taking Shahbaz Sharif to London, 'Secrets', which are known to Kulitham Nawaz, Mary Nawaz, Hamza Shahbaz and Nawaz Sharif, but there is a danger that there is a tablet in the nose of democracy ... No marches before March ... If any such thing is taken, then he will be able to fulfill his day.

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Two Pakistani angels reached Rohingya's help

I was watching them as a surprise picture and they were explaining the description of the journey which they had done from Dhaka to the Cakes Bazaar to know the condition of Rohingya Muslims and to do something practical for them, He was the first Pakistani who could do something practically and instead of cutting the road, he could tell him very short on the new and world, but the heart which reached the point of view was the essence of joy Head office run.

I was watching them as an amazing picture and they were explaining the Dhaka to the Cakes Bazaar to explain the condition of Rohingya Muslims and to do something practical for them, he was the first Pakistani who could something practical and instead of cutting the road, he could tell him very short on the new and world, but the heart which reached the point of view was the head of the head Head run.

Waqas Wahid's name shines on the screen of his mind. They were in Bhalwal when contacted. He has a Norwegian passport and has returned to Pakistan after few years after passing abroad. He is running the institution of making schools for sale in the name of Reddy Bricks in Lahore. One of the great qualities of Mian Abdul Shukoor, which makes his path to success, is clearly transparent and clear for his thinking. He also makes his team like workers who do not work. Understanding the work as a mission We are happy with pleasure and delight. Shahid Iqbal heads the team.

Mian Sahib got a set on Dubai's flight from Sialkot and showed out there. Waqas Wahid arrived in Lahore on the run. In the meantime, he had heard a visa from the Bangladeshi Consulate. The Corner Consulate said, "You can take an overview visa at Dhaka Airport at this passport. This facility is provided to those with U.S. and European passports, But if there is no wish for the immigration officer on the airport, he can deny it, "he said." When he reached Lahore, two hours later, the ticket team had reached his home. He got the tickets of Lahore, Doha and Dhaka.

The purpose and purpose of serving oppressed and miserable Muslims Muslims was to make them a permanent system of viewing, meeting and helping them. Everything else was in the dark. Both of them were traveling on their mobile by Shahid Iqbal on behalf of Dhaka. Were found The team is fantastic. Living there, guide, Dhaka Bazaar flight from Dhaka and all arrangements for accommodation were happening at the town's office in the meantime. It was at midnight on the night when contact with Mr. Abdul Shukur was disconnected. It took 3 hours to turn on people's row.

The clouds of ecstasy were deep in Lahore. Waiting for the reception at Dhaka Airport, Vikas Sahib passed through the same airport two hours ago. He had a large amount of Norwegian currency and Visa stump took place. They were permitted to come to see business prospects for reddy bricks. There was no possibility of anybody to come to help Burma's oppressed, innocent and innocent refugees. "Wajida Wajid, a day before, told a strong statement that these people should return.

The night was opened at 3pm. Everyone was breathing in their breath. They were Chinese guests ahead of the graduation line. They knew Bangladesh but not English. Bangladeshi staff was Kora in their language. In such a case, Salam Prayers also took hours, they wanted visas. Meanwhile, Shahid Iqbal Dubai, Saudi Arabia had contacted his friends and their parents. Were raised by sleeping He was in complete preparations for avoiding any emergency situation, such as making a Emergency Response Center for Pandey and Multan to fight natural disasters in the country.

Night at a hotel in Dhaka. On the go to the hotel, the non-human race of the bicycle racket gave them a lot of trouble. The next meeting of the leaders of the party, which was in the field to help the Burmese Muslims, despite their difficulties, there was even more burden on seeing the majority of these obstacles on return. Mian Nawaz Sharif said in his last government I used to prevent this painful and insulting and preventable spread of TB disease. Thousands of bicycle rugs were shifted to a cemetery by giving them all motor vehicles in Baipur. Never again seen in a village.

Burma's border is 783 kilometers away from Dhaka and 33 kilometers from the Cox Bazaar. On the other hand, both the Kaks reached the market and from where there was cruelty in place, bones of structures, only linen and vest, on the shoulders on the shoulders both raised the old parents in the towers hundreds of Rohingen Muslims were coming. . Meanwhile the rain started. The whole family had one umbrella, under which they were sitting in a place of space and place. The armed forces of the army were preventing them from moving forward and forced to stay in the road or fields. Because Turkey's president Tayyip had come to anonymity that Bangladesh should take over the opponents.

Young Bengali Guide, with the help of Jamaat-e-Islami's local service, created ten thousand dollars worth of dangers, pulses, cows, sugar, tea flour, worth the market. Seeing two occasions, visiting the vacant camps Both started distributing the goods. Often campus only had children, where parents were searching for empty hands and stomach, food and ration.

God sent them two angels from Pakistan. More than 20,000 refugees are living their lives, the suffering and condition of those who are not seen is seen, no sensitive heart can sleep at night by seeing them. It is the same knowledge on the return of Shukur Sahib, the moment he was talking to, his team was reporting from Bangladesh to the tender, Almithat, who has been appointed for his work, was planned. Is. 1. Canaan, 2.Shalter 3. Session of every four campus is a short-sleeved gum lutheran 8-foot thick and septic tank 4. The edible water is not eaten, can not be cooked for sweet-hooked tubes and tubes. 500 ft excavation quotes have come up to Rs 15 crores on three months project.

They believe that God's servants will do this in a few days, because the Lord is doing this. The quotes were coming and the initial two million crores have been released in front of me. To monitor the entire work, six people working in various countries have also been selected to carry out two numbers and completing the relief work. They will see the completion of the completion

The office of the Turkish Ihmat (IHH) has been opened there and Khalid is also working with them besides the local people [Islamic Aid], the most wonderful thing that Karachi's rich ones have collected five million, In my presence, I came to three young people from the market and took my part, this beauty of this awesome nation has always been a lot of importance. I am thankful for my wife, thanks to my lips. The congregation slogans against wrongdoers like the rest of the nation. Instead of doing any work done timely, well-being and excellent plans.
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Do not be forced to answer our Ghaznavites

The Raiti government is considered to be a routine to oppress its Muslim citizens, but stories of India's persecution are not restricted to India only, but it has also become a routine action by India. Whenever he wants Pakistan to open the borders of his guns and firing, innocent Pakistans are severely wounded and martyred.

There is also an educational institution in my native village Rasoolpur Bhaliyan, where most of the Pakistani border villages are under education. It has become the tradition of the country that it has become one of the two times a year in Pakistan's performance. The village starts firing.

I did not know till today that India's innocent citizens have justified this injustice? India is probably the biggest crime to be near near India, which is considered to be necessary every year. This is a series of firing on India's border areas in India since week, which has been killed at least 10 eleven Pakistani citizens, the number of injured is more than 100. India's blindfire comes out by firing firms, buffaloons and cattle etc. also. The firing from India does not have any accountability and target. The human being or the animal who has become a victim of death, death becomes its title.

Fearing and disturbed by the firing, border villages are forced to temporary migrants every year, that people go through these problems and misery, only those who know what they are from the stage. When living in the rural areas search for a safe shelter leaving their homes, often families do not even know where their destination is and where they will get refuge? When they leave home Will they get any support either or not? When I often think about temporary shelters, who are forced to leave their villages and are dying from India's firing and who have no place for refuge and shelter There is no place, without my eyes, untouched tears flow.I know that my tear or many eyes and eyes can not even cope with the injuries and difficulties of the brothers of my border villages. People of these families come from India's cruel and blazing firing and ammunitions, They may know their depths, but I do not understand that every year, the Pakistani people and the innocent people living in border areas kill innocent people, and what kind of emotion of Indian rulers Is there any problem? Human rulers, deprived of moral and civilization can oppress such humanity, as per Indian order every year. Repeat them against us.

If we did not have a educational institution in a village near the border area, I would probably be unaware of this injustice. It is at least once in the year of cruelty to the people of our border villages, then our village brothers are forced to leave their area to stumble foods. How long will this series continue?

How long will India oppress the power of our power? How long will our tongues remain silent against our oppressed Kashmir brothers and our border villages? If we are silent, then the oppressor who does not believe in rules, rules and morals will increase and encourage. There is better than tolerating daily humility that India should be asked about what its goals and intentions are? Every year, killing our citizens unjustly, is not India inviting us to fight an everlasting war? If India is not the target, then why unreasonable adventures? Full Pakistan is like a body. If our border villages are affected, people of all cities of Pakistan will understand the injustice of India.

If our conscience and national interest are alive, then we will endure the injustice of the people of our border villages till the end of India. If we do not refuse to cope with us, then our Guardian will also answer this. It should be said that our Ghaznavi missiles were not made to keep them in museums. We will definitely answer India, but we will not block India's innocent citizens.

We will break the armies that are being bombarded with us. Andya is a non-fundamental enemy, but we are Muslims, we do not forget the rules and rules in the state of war which do not forget the human rights of the Prophet Have set.
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Is it safe to save Zardari now?

If you want to know the truth, you can ask anyone in Myanmar to run out of millions of Rohingya and who is burnt in their house to Aung San Succi, Commander Iniff General Mining and security charge Colonel Tenton. Sochi replied, 'I think there are so many enemies among them, Muslims are killing the Muslims', General Muning says, 'This crisis itself has created the crew.'

Says Colonel Phon Tent, "These Bengali terrorists are burning their houses themselves." If this is true, then Musharraf's statement is also true that Benazir Bhutto was assassinated Benazir Bhutto. This is a logical question to whom the final benefit of the murder reached? Asif Ali Zardari (ie, the leadership of the party and the president's leadership came to their hands). It was considered as an indication of many other murders related to Musharraf's logic. As Liaqat Ali Khan was killed by Khawaja Nazimuddin and Ghulam Mohammad to become the Prime Minister by vacating the governor General's chair Ghulam Mohammad under the Nazimuddin Dale.

Chaudhry Zahir Alahi died by Al-Zulfiqar Shujaat Hussain. As a result, Grand Chieftain of Gurgaon repeatedly knew that father would not become prime minister of the PML-Q in the future, without removing the elderly from the way. The plot of assassination of Zia-ul-Haq was originally prepared by Senate Ghulam Ishaq Khan and Vice Chief of Army Staff General Aslam Bag so that Ali could preserve the position of President and Phil Chief respectively. Musharraf did not take a single charge, but also told in the video that how was the process of assassination of Benazir Bhutto? One time it is mentioned that friendship and friendship with Hamid Karzai and Hamid Karzai and Baitullah Mehsud were friendly. Zardari told Hamid Karzai that man has to kill his wife, do some help.

Hamid Karzai gave Asif Ali Zardari to Spy nephew and Baitullah behind the servant BB. However, Musharraf has justified this statement that whether suicide attack on carpentry was also included in the Spare Deal on October 11, two thousand seven to BBK Karachi or contracting only 27 December attacks from Beth-Allah.

Now who asks that if Musharraf had come to know why then he did not give the complete complete security of BB to his will. Musharraf is also saying that it was not his responsibility to provide security and also complaining that this murder was very harmful and Zardari got full advantage. But what happened? Seeing Nawaz Sharif and Pakistan's landing in Pakistan? And when the real fact was revealed, then why did the suicide bombers get out of the house and instead of receiving the Phil Guard of Honor from the murderer rather than in the killer.

It was out there but when President of Scotland Yard at the time of President Zardari and then the United Nations's investigation commission, then Musharraf could at least write a letter sitting in London, and could plot the conspiracy of the BBC. The case does not take more than nine years. And it is a matter of fact that the special court of the anti-terrorism anti-terrorism court, Pervez Musharraf, had already declared the pretext of the final decision. Still Sheikh has run away despite giving himself the 'real facts' by releasing his life. Oh yes! Murtaza Bhutto was also killed by Asif Zardari so that the government of Pakistan should be dismissed.

Be careful about BB cases and stay abroad. Even Asif, in return for supporters of Murtaza, should be careful in prison for many years, and then go abroad and teach the BB there why you do not end Pakistan. Do you know? And when nine years later Benazir Bhutto came to Pakistan by seducturing Zardari, he did not come with husband because he had not only given uprage but also DIG Pandi Saud Aziz and SSP Khurram Shahzad had also taken a heavy note. As soon as the story of the Bibi was all over, before I came to the dust, I could get the first blood of the blood so that I would receive the wife's body with satisfaction. So it was the long-lasting benefit of Murtaza Bhutto to assassinate in 1996.

Musharraf wanted to take advantage of being the owner of black and white in his eight-year-old presidency while taking away the chief justice from hair, but taking personal interest in Murtaza Bhutto murder case could milk milk. But why did he even go to know why his PPP did not bring the BB murder case to a logical post in Musharraf's five-year rule, because the assassin was actually Zardari.

Seeing Musharraf's latest video, the heart feels happy to understand why his measure is now patience. After the verdict of 'High Court's murder' Asif Ali Zardari's decision to abduct five accused of the terrorist court and police officer Saud Aziz, Khurram Shahzad and Pervez Musharraf, were sent to Lahore High Court for the death sentence. During a day, during hearing, the court will open the door while opening the door with heavy chambers, the gurly voice will be hit by the roof. I tell you who is actually the killer. Drinking and drinking The court has been on your way for a long time.
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