Monday, September 25, 2017

Brown tablet in the nose of democracy

My friend, Khan Khan, is a colorful kind of man, if we speak on his performances, the narrative of "al-leli" will be spoiled, he has a secret in every act that does not open on every one ... Since we are both friends, mostly together, I have come to know about some of her plays.

For example, "Tarmar Khan" gives a different style of keeping or sucking brown. If he keeps the smell on the right side of his lips, it means that he is absolutely nervous, but the same if he is left On the other hand, it means that she is in some thought and if the smell attempts to cover the top of the lips, it means that she is in a deep impression which is being eaten inside Yes, but when he attempts to bend in the brown nose made of "bullet" then I understand what he wants,When Imran Khan is less and more opposed to the party, he feels very uncomfortable in those situations, and then suddenly makes a big "tablet" of the smell of smell of smell, and then nose it. I try to put this brown in her nose, after four seconds she gets a big snake before she opens her mouth and then gets the voice of "Come" again. Before I instruct you to get out of the eye sign, I get out of the room at the same time, but the things that are coming out are on the first snake. Get half died, are not yet recovering it are poor that cried out for a sneeze Khan .This is the time when all the sources get out of the room at a speed of electricity and are first in the bathroom as they go home ... And when the exit is in the form of a command. It is the second thing that I can go back to the room after half an hour back, but surprisingly, Khan Khan is completely stuck in a cigarette and cigarette cigarette is also mine, namely "Gold Leaf" 'I am suffering, I feel very sad that a brownsmith is wasting my Gold Leaf cigarette, but since I am a friend, then I'm patient.

I recalled that I have kept a bullet of smell in our nose of our democracy today, as well as listening like snacks at national level, yesterday, Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan has been strangely saying that Prime Minister and the Prime Minister and The External Affairs Minister should avoid giving statements regarding home cleaning. Actually, Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan is becoming a "guardian" non-declaration of "democracy" today, he is seen repeatedly criticizing the government Last day, he said about Mary Nawaz that he can not become an illiterate. Mir Nawaz should have asked him to ask his uncle how Benazir could become Benazir's daughter? Mary Nawaz had to think that Anakal should have his own "Bhutto" and Benazir in every era, whatever politics is in the moment, Bhutto's time, Benazir, and Ziaul Haq Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan is also present, Chaudhary Shujaat of the moment itself is also present. Praise be to him.

One more snatch that is on the lips of almost every political party is "break" to the Sharif family. Every politician wishes that this family should be "broken" in some way, otherwise it is not possible to eliminate their politics, can be kept out of politics for more than four years, but it People will be back again.

This family of politics is "formula" new, it was first tried to bring the "slave" to the "public" to break "parties" and then it has been tried that the whole party is broken. So, the PML (N) was completely broken in the era of General Musharraf ... Now after the failure of these two experiences, the "Family" broke-up scheme is being started and it is being tried that Shahbaz Sharif and Sharif It is no doubt that Shahbaz Sharif is the name of a noble person, a person who wakes for 24 hours Neither does he rest himself nor let him work with him. He is a popular leader till the time of poverty, people of other provinces also like him on his services in Punjab, but Nawaz Sharif is at a national level People are popular, people like Nawaz Sharif and they value it as the leader of the Muslim League (N), if separation between the two brethren or political factions is publicly visible for some reason. Gets done So I think that this will harm Shahbaz Sharif and at this time those who are on their mission with such desire will not get anything, but I think that at any time, whatever inside the Sharif family The decisions are happening, they are not being done by mutual consensus, but on mutual basis, and this family is moving forward with a political strategy that women and gentlemen can not understand "kindness".

Actually, Shahbaz Sharif is trying that in some cases, "Hola Hola" should be kept and I believe that in the atmosphere of London, it has been decided that Shahbaz Sharif kept "forward" at the time of difficulty. So, now the real "game" is in the hands of Shahbaz Sharif and he is moving "game" with full intellect. Going to the family of the Shah family and taking Shahbaz Sharif to London, 'Secrets', which are known to Kulitham Nawaz, Mary Nawaz, Hamza Shahbaz and Nawaz Sharif, but there is a danger that there is a tablet in the nose of democracy ... No marches before March ... If any such thing is taken, then he will be able to fulfill his day.

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