Monday, September 25, 2017

Cricket can not be completed without Pakistan

Former National All-rounder Abdul Razaq said that PCB steps are appreciated for the recovery of Pakistan in Pakistan, improving regional cricket and ongoing efforts for finding new talents have proved to be impressive, after retirement from cricket The cricket team will not be able to complete cricket, PCB has been appreciated for the maintenance of international cricket, and these steps are now gradually in the international cricket restoration of Pakistan. Getting a big help.

Did Shane Warns the actress of shameful movies? The cricketer himself came to the field, saying pornography actor that everyone was amazed.

It is a good idea to hold the cricket match in Miran Shah, which has shown a clear message in the world that Pakistan is a safe country, the ongoing steps to improve the regional cricket and finding new talents have proved to be impressive. Talking to media on the occasion of the cricket tournament named KARACHI Naveed-ul-Hassan, Abdul Razzaq said that World Xi's arrival came after Zimbabwe after getting the help of international cricket in the country. Is. Pakistan is a peaceful country and without that, cricket can not be completed, PCB has been praised for the maintenance of international cricket And due to these measures, it is now getting a lot of help in the slowdown of international cricket in Pakistan, the future of cricket is bright in Pakistan, and the cricket board will have to take more steps to find talent, to establish cricket academy in this regard It's upset.

PSL3, Ahmad Shahzad and Amarkarmal decide to finish PSL teams

He said that after retirement from the cricket, he will continue to serve for the promotion of cricket because this game gave me the wealth, reputation and honor, he said that there is cricket in Pakistan talented talent For cricket courses on Grass Route Level, Cricket Clubs patronage and educational institutions need to promote cricket and this is my services for cricket board. He said that we are more prone to respect our country's honor, respect, than ever before the player who has given us honor and honor.He also visited various fields of Rana Navid-ul-Haq cricket academy and said that such a big cricket academy is a encouraging step in a backward district like Sheikhupura.
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