Monday, September 25, 2017

Do not be forced to answer our Ghaznavites

The Raiti government is considered to be a routine to oppress its Muslim citizens, but stories of India's persecution are not restricted to India only, but it has also become a routine action by India. Whenever he wants Pakistan to open the borders of his guns and firing, innocent Pakistans are severely wounded and martyred.

There is also an educational institution in my native village Rasoolpur Bhaliyan, where most of the Pakistani border villages are under education. It has become the tradition of the country that it has become one of the two times a year in Pakistan's performance. The village starts firing.

I did not know till today that India's innocent citizens have justified this injustice? India is probably the biggest crime to be near near India, which is considered to be necessary every year. This is a series of firing on India's border areas in India since week, which has been killed at least 10 eleven Pakistani citizens, the number of injured is more than 100. India's blindfire comes out by firing firms, buffaloons and cattle etc. also. The firing from India does not have any accountability and target. The human being or the animal who has become a victim of death, death becomes its title.

Fearing and disturbed by the firing, border villages are forced to temporary migrants every year, that people go through these problems and misery, only those who know what they are from the stage. When living in the rural areas search for a safe shelter leaving their homes, often families do not even know where their destination is and where they will get refuge? When they leave home Will they get any support either or not? When I often think about temporary shelters, who are forced to leave their villages and are dying from India's firing and who have no place for refuge and shelter There is no place, without my eyes, untouched tears flow.I know that my tear or many eyes and eyes can not even cope with the injuries and difficulties of the brothers of my border villages. People of these families come from India's cruel and blazing firing and ammunitions, They may know their depths, but I do not understand that every year, the Pakistani people and the innocent people living in border areas kill innocent people, and what kind of emotion of Indian rulers Is there any problem? Human rulers, deprived of moral and civilization can oppress such humanity, as per Indian order every year. Repeat them against us.

If we did not have a educational institution in a village near the border area, I would probably be unaware of this injustice. It is at least once in the year of cruelty to the people of our border villages, then our village brothers are forced to leave their area to stumble foods. How long will this series continue?

How long will India oppress the power of our power? How long will our tongues remain silent against our oppressed Kashmir brothers and our border villages? If we are silent, then the oppressor who does not believe in rules, rules and morals will increase and encourage. There is better than tolerating daily humility that India should be asked about what its goals and intentions are? Every year, killing our citizens unjustly, is not India inviting us to fight an everlasting war? If India is not the target, then why unreasonable adventures? Full Pakistan is like a body. If our border villages are affected, people of all cities of Pakistan will understand the injustice of India.

If our conscience and national interest are alive, then we will endure the injustice of the people of our border villages till the end of India. If we do not refuse to cope with us, then our Guardian will also answer this. It should be said that our Ghaznavi missiles were not made to keep them in museums. We will definitely answer India, but we will not block India's innocent citizens.

We will break the armies that are being bombarded with us. Andya is a non-fundamental enemy, but we are Muslims, we do not forget the rules and rules in the state of war which do not forget the human rights of the Prophet Have set.
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