Monday, September 25, 2017

Europe's Gypsy an intersting story

The writing movement of this article was a journey to my train last year until Rome to Barcelona. Italy's tourism departments at Rome's railway station have considered me foreigners and give some instructions on their routine. The main reason for this was also to be careful about the Gypsy pockets of women in Barcelona's railway station. The Italian tourists also said that they are also in crime-free Gypsy Italy, but most of their numbers and crimes are more in Spain.

I did not even see the European Gypsy before. However, at Barcelona's railway station, I definitely saw women who were in European clothes, face to face on face. She was wearing long skirts in the dress.

Some were torn on the head, the face of the face was white like copper, hair and eyes were black and nose. Some naked footwear and some old-fashioned high-heeled shoes, which we were called Gregory in the old age. (Today's women say they are Heels), because I was already aware, so I was cautious. An innovative and good designer made a hand in front of me. I saw that the same girls were targeting the trains and the tourists too. The old mothers or the old railway station in the corner of the pure railway station were also eating burgers, and these young girls were also indicating "hunting" by indicating.

Nevertheless, I was out of confidence that I saw 2-3 young managers, "fall down" on an old Japanese couple fighting artificial fights. The Japanese stupa saw the fallen ones and saved them from "falling" while saving them from "hurt", these girls sprouted the Japanese girl's curse and immediately got rid of them. Have gone "I am impressed" before me because I was aware of these monuments, so I was looking at the fight of those girls in a deep sight, and seeing me was impressed, "Baba, Babi" 'Did not even know. Well, I spent a week in Spain with caution.

In 2013 alone I went to Uzbekistan. There are also plenty of pilgrims in the city of Bukhari and also historical buildings. I see the form of European gypsy, but begging women in Uzbek. Actually, a little more was known by about 80 gypsies when I was a manager for some time at my Saudi bank's Nights Bridge branch. A man who had a daily cleaning machine in the branch came.

It was some of the Islamic names, but we were named Namibasis for Pakistanis or my Saudi associates. The bank's security staff said it belonged to a Gypsy family, which is like a drop in Ireland for the past 100 years. The Jupiter family from Turkey to Germany and Hitler from Germany made them like a Jew like a Jew, later a car of more than a thousand refugees of the Jupiter was settled in Ireland. I was surprised that these traders Get some information about. The name of the cleaner was delightful, but it was called as a cover of pain, which obviously was a useless name for us. One day I had security that I want to meet him not to let the poets go.

I told him very loudly, Islam. I was watching happiness now on her face. He told himself about himself or his grandfather from Antalya (Turkey). Old people speak German in his house and speak a mixture of young Roman languages and English. Their tribe is Muslim but nothing is known about Islam. He is a Muslim but only to the extent of the name. There was a grocery store near my house. The owner of the shopkeeper was the only person who was the only person, but the people of the locals did not call Jupiter but (Roma) Roma. I became more easily now that I could know about the generation of these romantic creatures. I was unaware of Mr Smith at somehow.

According to Smith, not Europe, but all the world's Jupiter came from Punjab, Rajasthan, Bengal. When the Government of India became the ruler of India (the Turks of Turkmenistan), they were immortalized in the Muslim countries of Antalya and its peacock. Even in India, it was not widely viewed. Somewhere he was called Oud, somewhere screwdriver and Tipi Vasi and somewhere dom. Since Mr. Smith had read a little bit of reading and most of his customers were Indian and Punjabi Pakistanis, Mr. Smith told me some of the words of his Roman language that are really fun from Punjabi (Rohtikki Punjabi) and Rajasthani Hindi.

The country in which people went, mixing local languages with their morphological language became a number of types of languages, but some basic words are still set up in their Roman zuban, which I have written above. In India, a branch of these spots was called dom. Older Pakistaniis will surely see the domains dance dancing. Even today we will look at the dolls and horoscope domains. Since the Dom Nation's task was to sing songs of joy, some of them were employed by the Rajas of Gilgit-Baltistan.

These people were called Domki in Gilgit-language and their language was called Domki. Anyone in our politics still exists with domain name. I did not know his full name, but before writing this article I did not know anything about the Domi tribe.

In the beginning, in the year 1100, these bedsmen migrated to the West by wave wave (Episode War). He did not even have to do anything except to commit crimes, to work hard, to beg and sing. However, after staying in a few states in Europe, he took (especially for women) the fate of the fate, and it was a great success. The difference between the transformation was coming to them, they used to use a variety of asbestos as they used to describe fate.

You will surely see such a movie in Hollywood movies. Jupiter is around 80 lakhs in the world at this time. The majority of their population is in Turkey, Romania, Spain, Bulgaria, France, and Hungary. Jupiter, who lives in Turkey and Central Asia, calls himself Muslims as the remaining Jupiter is associated with the East Roman Catholic religion. 80% of these European monuments still live like homemade demons. The remaining 20 percent of the Jupiter writing work have become a citizen. They have a standard romance language written in Latin characters. Those who have become civilized and educated now are seen in respect to their respective countries. But the jurisdictions of those Jupiter who are still in the subcontinent are still counted in criminal and low caste.
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