Monday, September 25, 2017

From the world of books

Ladies and gentlemen! The book operates with human life since ancient times it has come. Since the writing process has started, the book has been the best friend and partner of man, but in the era of this computer and mobile phone, we have gone far away from the books.

In this technology, it is also part of the book publishers and publishers, who have increased the prices of books that it is now getting out of the public readers. Perhaps you agree with me that the majority of qualified readers who are reading books are unable to afford the expensive books, and those who are entitled to afford, buying or reading a book is very less. People will eat five thousand meals at a time, but will not buy 500 books.

We have some reservations, some sorrow, and trends regarding the growing prices of books, which are giving readers a lesson through this column. Many people like us, who have the interest and love of study but are not able to afford, will also be good ... some of our publishers have published books and books as a profitable business. But not the literature and promotion of literature. Their aim is to print and sell expensive books and earn profits. Gia is not available onion, publication of books is to be done, the purpose is to earn money.

Last week, we read a comment on the book of Eider's Great in a newspaper "We Were There." It was so interesting that the books went to buy, but after seeing the price of the book, they returned back and came straight to the "stall" of the old books taken on the footsteps between Ankara Kale and Government College. Believe us from this book, we found eight books on half the money, including Mukhtar Masood's "Voice Friend". It was not our first experience to buy books from here, but from the time of college, we have come across the sea of knowledge and literature.

Here you find similar such rare books in Urdu and English, in a very affordable price on almost every topic. Apart from this, on the Mall Dome, on the Maldives, the Holy House House celebrates the old books. Here we often list books with our knowledgeable friend, Dr. Arshad Ali, and then buy in Pak Tea House. Remindly comment on this treasury. The book's exhibitions and festivities are also a source from where you can buy cheap books. Anyway, this opportunity becomes the source of a healthy literary entertainment. Here we go with our daughter Nikki Akhtar to connect with the books of this race, otherwise "Had Hazrat Mobil and Computer" have touched today's generation from Urdu literature and book.

You will remember when the month's "National Digest" started the month, it was completely published in one of the earliest books in it. For example, "I saw Dhaka drowning" by Sadiq Salaik, we read it and today is preserved in our "Book Treasure". This series also continued in "Urdu Digest" and "Planet Diesel", where we read the early chapters of the Shahabat of Power Allah Shahab which was later published in a booklet. This series seems to be overnumbering, but the digesters have published a series of unique books, which are not less than a treasury.

This chain is continuing, which we have benefited from. However, Allah bless him, Agha Amir al-Husain, who has been publishing a long-term book and scroll of his book "Spotting". The price is too low and the printing standard is also better. "Spout" is a living example for our expensive publishers that book can be published at a reasonable cost. We have read many rare books in "Spouting", especially the scroll of English books are a valuable treasure. There is no reason to compare here, but it is necessary to show an idea that this can happen.

Precious books will be published by the publisher's business and it is also their discretion, their right, but also to go out of the general readings of these books is a tragedy. In particular situations, when today's generation books, especially the literary books, are far away, it is more important in such a situation that the less expensive on cheap paper to generate creative writers, poets, historians, intellectuals' creations. Be published in.

We remember that in our student times Feroze Sans, Ghulam Ali and Sons, masterpieces, etc. used to publish cheaper books. Syed Qasim Mahmood continued this series with great success. We have bought books by Ibn Insha, Mumtaz Mani, A Hamid, Nawaz and other writers at a very low price in A-4 size.

ladies and gentlemen! However, we appreciate the development of Majlis-e-literature, Institute of Publications Pakistan, Institute of Culture Islamia and other government-owned publishing houses, which are printing very affordable books. Lastly, if Ashfaq Ahmed's lover "Angle", "So, then," Shah, the ruler who wants to read, should find a donor like NGO. Sadly regret that we decorated books such as Loan suites, modern cars, LCD television, house plots, so that the prices can be seen only by ordinary people, can not buy.
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