Monday, September 25, 2017

GT Road's stand and bitter groundwater facts

Pakistan is probably the only country in the world whose political leaders go out of the country after depriving power and do not come back until the time for new power is done. Now Nawaz Sharif is out of his family, and there is no hope in the near future to come back. Asif Ali Zardari has also gone out suddenly and he has not forgiven to stay in Pakistan for two days after Pervez Musharraf's allegations that he had assassinated Benazir Bhutto and Murtaza Bhutto. Therefore, there are still many motives that they too Maybe Pakistan does not come soon. Musharraf is already outside and if he does not have the hope to meet the power, he will not come back. The Pakistani leadership has been seen to be afraid of facing the law.

The law from which they keep toys in the days of power, becomes a scary dream for them coming out of power. Sharif family is calling NAB and Pervez Musharraf is also afraid of the anti-terrorism court, Asif Ali Zardari, that no new case should open, but all these people consider the law as a lambs, but when they become mistress Let's go abroad.

The hardest time has come to the Sharif family. Everything says power has kept some positive thing ... If Begum Kalamum Nawaz was not sick then what excuse Sharif Sharif would have stayed in London? Now, NAB is calling on Nawaz Sharif and family to return to Pakistan because of the disease of Kalcum Nawaz, if this was not an excuse, what type of recipe would be used? Everyone is praying for the health of Begum Kalamum Nawaz, but because of this, NAB can not postpone hearing reference references indefinitely. From above, Ishaq Dar is the ruler, whose NAB court has issued warrants.

Now, even if they take the same position that they can not leave Bahamas Kalamum Nawaz in this condition, then it will be forgiven that everyone understands Bagmah Sahib's misconception. Everyone knows that the real matter is not this, nor can it be done in such a manner.

Ishaq Dar has also placed a design with him and that too important, so his non-attendance has not been possible, he is resigning, then what is the delay in it? He is the employee of an office, not the finance minister of the country, and his own assets have been frozen by the NAB, but as far as he has the assets of the Finance Minister, they can not be frozen that the country To proceed, therefore, keeping the responsibility of the affairs and affairs of the country by displaying the responsibility, they should leave their office charge. This is a matter of fact and legal, because in a reference, those accused have been nominated.

As far as Nawaz Sharif is concerned, in my opinion, he too should face the NAB references coming back to Pakistan, because now the absenteeing work can further worsen, there should be no Karmaja. They correct the status of their GT Road and consider the 120 results of the constituency publicly supported by it, but they will surely acknowledge the fact that the GTT's motive is a constitutional or legal status. Does not keep If you believe the GT Road's role, then the rest of the institutions will become zero and each will have an easy way to get the long march on the GT Road and make legal decisions blow in the air. If the Nawaz Sharif was expelled from a dictator's hand or administrative decision, GT Road's position could have benefited them.

Appeal was the right to appeal to the family of the family, she was used right and the decision continued. Mian Nawaz Sharif should acknowledge that he has become unable to face the judicial order, now he should not turn back again and ask, "Why did he drive them out?" But it should be noted that How can you legally defend yourself? It can not be possible now that one morning they get sleepy and they get the good news that all the cases are over and their disadvantages have also ended.

This kind of charisma will no longer be. Being a NRO could have benefited before the decision was taken, no NRO can now end up ineffective because the Supreme Court decision is unmatched by such kind of political decisions.

The matter which focuses on must be focused on, the political party should be united as the PML (N), because if it becomes a desperate, then its political credibility will end. After election reforms by the Sen and after the approval of the National Assembly, if Nawaz becomes the PML-N President, he will still need to take all the steps together to keep the party united. It is not clear now that this bill also makes the law, if it becomes formed, is it challenged by the Supreme Court to be unconstitutional or not? I do not have anything to do with these hackers near me. Grip on his party will be weakened.

They should now play their role as party leader instead of presidency. Shahbaz Sharif has heard that the PML-N has been taking the formula to unite. If you believe that Nawaz Sharif is more than his sincerely friend, then he will be ready to make decisions which prove to be beneficial for the Muslim League and the self-elected family Also for.

Maryam may be his successors, but there is still no mention of the signature, yet they are completely in politics. Right now, his role should be a leader who is satisfied with everyone. If they lose Shahbaz Sharif and Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan in this delicate phase, then it would be a big loss for them. Nawaz Sharif should also keep in view the fact that he has left the country himself, while in 1999 he was pulled out by Pervez Musharraf and allowed a ten-year agreement.

At that time, he was convicted of special court, now he has declared the Supreme Court ineffective. If they want to prove that his GTT position is correct, then he will have to prove the allegations wrong in presenting in the NAB court. On both sides of political and judicial matters, they have to reject decisions against facing reality, but it may not be possible that they sit in London and use such measures that cause the defamation of Pakistani institutions, a large politician and country. Being prime minister three times as a prime minister, he has to keep his prestige and also honor the country's supreme ... Those who do not face the law, how good and merciful they are, doubts are definitely created. Sharif family is also going through this process.
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