Monday, September 25, 2017

Gwadar port is the turn of C-C's commercial activities

President Mamoon Hussain said that the Gwadar port, China's economic activity, is a turning point of trade, CP related to the golden future of the region, Mary Time has played a major role in the security of the ocean, Merry TIMM Security There is a need to pay attention to the Pak Navy's efforts to ensure Pak Navy's efforts are to be given special attention to the economy, including security, security, CP will save the integrated network of bad and marine infrastructure, to protect national development and sea boundaries. My Time fields need to be developed, we have to utilize our resources, improve ocean Pakistan As is the kzyny.

Addressing the closing ceremony of the My Time Security First Workshop, Mamoon Hussain said that Pakistani nation, armed forces, and especially the Pak Navy National Security, have the right to deal with all kinds of threats, but still necessary That is a nuclear program in the region, a comprehensive plan to increase traditional naval power, new technology introduced, and the entire plan to cope with and cope with other traditional and non-traditional challenges. And focus on acquisition of debt capacity The President said this while addressing the participants of the Marie Times Security Workshop organized by Pakistan Navy and Ar College in Lahore, in which the Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Muhammad Zakaullah, Commander Pakistan Navy War also had the Judge Redeemer Mausoleum. On this occasion, the presentation of the Merit Time Security Policy, prepared for workshop participants, was also given. This presentation was given by Senator Sahar Kamran, Member Punjab Assembly Hussein Jiyaniyan Gradzi and Rear Admiral Shoaib.

Belt & Road Cooperation Agreement with China's 74 Countries and International Organizations

The President said that by utilizing the resources of the oceans in a sustainable way, the stability of the national economy can be ensured as well as protection of marine routes. He also said that my time security workshop, with regard to the Pak-China Economic Corridor, is also an important part of the hope that is a nation-oriented and especially the golden future of this region. The President said that Allah has inflicted on Pakistan with immense resources and blessings, which is also a sea which holds the status of an invaluable treasury. They have shown that the ocean's ocean resources will become a source of profitable use.The President said that the oceans have always played an important role in the political and economic situation of this planet, but their importance in the present era has increased significantly than the past. He said that keeping the facts ahead of the coming era, it is necessary not only to defend and secure, but justify the right priorities under concrete study and strategy about this important sector of the national economy so that In the changed circumstances, when global trade and routine routes turn towards Pakistan, potentially can be benefited from opportunities.

The President said that this fact should always be kept in view that the activation of pure China economic radar will not only come into existence of one port and connect different areas through a highway, but in both bad and marine areas Infrastructure will be sealed. He said that in order to bring Pakistan's navy resources, there should be a clear procedure in our minds, because this matter is not limited to bad and sea merchandise only.Therefore, after the activity of the economic radar, we will have to pay special attention to some other important fields, including shipyard, shipbuilding industry, engineering sector and fishing, ship shipment, portfolio, and paddle marine minerals. Renewable energy and coastal and ocean tours from nutrients, naval sources are particularly remarkable. Therefore, keeping in mind the future requirements for the stability of the national economy and the protection of the marine boundaries of the country's dearest, these fields should be fully developed and the best facilities of their covenant should be multiplied. Along with this, it is also important to look after the concerns and risks of the Pak-China Economic Corridor and take steps to protect it.

Talking to Parpagara on the leadership of Mustafa Kemal of PSP delegation, discuss political situation in Sindh

The President congratulated them on offering useful recommendations to the participants of the My Time Security Workshop and hoped that other relevant national institutions would take appropriate decisions by considering these recommendations. The President said that the Navy is entitled to the blessings of the Navy that despite the limited resources for the development of the My Time Sector, which have served as a worthy price. He expressed that Prana Navy and its affiliates will continue to serve as the next national spirit.
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