Monday, September 25, 2017

The iPhone's Apple's most expensive mobile phone, but how much does it cost to build this new model?

Apple's new smartphone, 'iPhone X', made a stir at the market just as it was, due to its good performance, but due to its value. It does not mean that its features are not worth mentioning, but it is true that Apple had never made such an expensive iPhone ever. So is the real reason for this expensive phone not the latest technology and expensive components used in it? According to a Times of India report, it is not exactly because the cost of the iPhone X is $ 999 (about one lakh Pakistani rupees per unit), but the company's total cost of $ 420 (about 42,000 Pakistani rupees) has been spent on its manufacture. . That means, the company is earning 58% profit on every iPhone X.

According to the report, this expense of iPhone X preparation has been made by a Chinese website specialist, adding the costs and costs of making it all. Its most expensive component is its 5.8-inch LED screen, which is manufactured at Samsung $ 80 (about 8,000 Pakistani rupees) per unit. Thereafter, the second most expensive component is the memory of Toshiba, which produces $ 45 (Rs 4500 Pakistani rupees) for 256 GB and 24G (approximately 2400 Pakistani Rupees) for three GB rims.

Apple's one-day binary chip set price is worth $ 26 (about 2600 Pakistani rupees) while the value of the chromosome modem is $ 18 (approximately 1800 Pakistani rupees). The phone's thumbnail de sensor and top screen bazel is worth $ 25 (approximately 2500 Pakistani rupees) and the cost of glass on screen is $ 18 (approximately 1800 Pakistani rupees).
Apart from these important ingredients, other relatively minor ingredients and manufacturing costs, the total cost is about $ 420 (approximately 42,000 Pakistani rupees per unit) per unit, namely, the profit of approximately 580 (approximately 58,000 Pakistani rupees) on the sale of each iPhone X Is getting In simple words, it says "the five fingers in the cord and in the head bracelet.
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