Monday, September 25, 2017

To keep me in wonder

These circles embrace that if they go to their husbands, they do not turn quickly, while the warrants are being used instead of marrying Ashaar Dar, while the PML (N) constitutes it as official government. Do not look forward to paying attention to it! ... Such a laugh at the media channels that say that small mothers are in their minds, listen to them, so it seems that the Muslim League (N) Do not do the same as they are streaming TV cameras. Shahbaz Sharif is the Punjab and Khalid Khalid, they are the names of Shahbaz Brain, they have nothing to do with the deal, their establishment from the establishment to the judiciary, ... can catch him by the flight of Shahbaz, There are more books than they are 'dense', Pakistan is a great part of politics.

General Musharraf's statement on BBC's testimony from above! ... Alaman, Alaman !! ... But those who think Zardari and Musharraf are fighting are misunderstanding, because they are on their stand. The problem is that it is Pakistan 's simplest task to defame Zardari, while Zardari himself likes to do his own wounds with nails as a mighty one. In fact, Zardari has become a tyrant, which is the life of the PPP, while Musharraf sings in Dubai while embroidering the invasion and integrity of his opponents and hunters of tiger from their peaks, Imran also behind Zardari It is because every time their hair is straight on the front.

Imran Khan is also the head of a Musharraf not only a Musharraf, while near the PPP constituencies, the next turn is again the funeral of the mausoleum of Zardari, whose taste is feeling only the same. After all, Tahir-ul-Qadri seems to be re-emphasized after the Lahore High Court's verdict, but this emphasis is less and less visible. They have created the Model Town as a problem of Fascism and philosophy, and they do not let themselves or the people find their affection.

The prime minister is the skyscrapers or the sources of unity in the United Nations, whatever he has decreed and has made one word of his language, he is followed and the service guard is also behind him and Maulana Farooq Sattar too!

Apparently it seems that there has been a tremendous difference in Pakistani politics, but in fact it is a situation after the ball arrives in the eye when a person gets rid of everything left and feels like everything blinds and water erosion. Even the atmosphere can not be removed

God appears that the blasphemy politics is now considered serve as a nation and nation, instead of doing something at its own level, it is considered political conquest to describe the tongues of the Prophet That they are making justice on their own, and they are striving to get rid of public interest, no one can say that they will be ahead of what will happen, TV against the Muslim League (N). According to channel shows show tonnes of tonnes of tons, charges are being made on allegations, and Nawaz Sharif's return is to be done, such as Tarzan's I, but the return of a street and circles are suggested to clean the lens of fairness and justice from the courts.

Imran is getting rid of free free from all over the country, it has happened that the vacant Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) did not have the PML- N (PML-N) bridge, it was a separate thing that Nun's magic is still in Punjab and Nungegi Leadership is in dream of dictatorships, who want to be the most lonely and to be mixed together to become one!
To complete an interest interest
I am surprised to parable.
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