Monday, September 25, 2017

Two Pakistani angels reached Rohingya's help

I was watching them as a surprise picture and they were explaining the description of the journey which they had done from Dhaka to the Cakes Bazaar to know the condition of Rohingya Muslims and to do something practical for them, He was the first Pakistani who could do something practically and instead of cutting the road, he could tell him very short on the new and world, but the heart which reached the point of view was the essence of joy Head office run.

I was watching them as an amazing picture and they were explaining the Dhaka to the Cakes Bazaar to explain the condition of Rohingya Muslims and to do something practical for them, he was the first Pakistani who could something practical and instead of cutting the road, he could tell him very short on the new and world, but the heart which reached the point of view was the head of the head Head run.

Waqas Wahid's name shines on the screen of his mind. They were in Bhalwal when contacted. He has a Norwegian passport and has returned to Pakistan after few years after passing abroad. He is running the institution of making schools for sale in the name of Reddy Bricks in Lahore. One of the great qualities of Mian Abdul Shukoor, which makes his path to success, is clearly transparent and clear for his thinking. He also makes his team like workers who do not work. Understanding the work as a mission We are happy with pleasure and delight. Shahid Iqbal heads the team.

Mian Sahib got a set on Dubai's flight from Sialkot and showed out there. Waqas Wahid arrived in Lahore on the run. In the meantime, he had heard a visa from the Bangladeshi Consulate. The Corner Consulate said, "You can take an overview visa at Dhaka Airport at this passport. This facility is provided to those with U.S. and European passports, But if there is no wish for the immigration officer on the airport, he can deny it, "he said." When he reached Lahore, two hours later, the ticket team had reached his home. He got the tickets of Lahore, Doha and Dhaka.

The purpose and purpose of serving oppressed and miserable Muslims Muslims was to make them a permanent system of viewing, meeting and helping them. Everything else was in the dark. Both of them were traveling on their mobile by Shahid Iqbal on behalf of Dhaka. Were found The team is fantastic. Living there, guide, Dhaka Bazaar flight from Dhaka and all arrangements for accommodation were happening at the town's office in the meantime. It was at midnight on the night when contact with Mr. Abdul Shukur was disconnected. It took 3 hours to turn on people's row.

The clouds of ecstasy were deep in Lahore. Waiting for the reception at Dhaka Airport, Vikas Sahib passed through the same airport two hours ago. He had a large amount of Norwegian currency and Visa stump took place. They were permitted to come to see business prospects for reddy bricks. There was no possibility of anybody to come to help Burma's oppressed, innocent and innocent refugees. "Wajida Wajid, a day before, told a strong statement that these people should return.

The night was opened at 3pm. Everyone was breathing in their breath. They were Chinese guests ahead of the graduation line. They knew Bangladesh but not English. Bangladeshi staff was Kora in their language. In such a case, Salam Prayers also took hours, they wanted visas. Meanwhile, Shahid Iqbal Dubai, Saudi Arabia had contacted his friends and their parents. Were raised by sleeping He was in complete preparations for avoiding any emergency situation, such as making a Emergency Response Center for Pandey and Multan to fight natural disasters in the country.

Night at a hotel in Dhaka. On the go to the hotel, the non-human race of the bicycle racket gave them a lot of trouble. The next meeting of the leaders of the party, which was in the field to help the Burmese Muslims, despite their difficulties, there was even more burden on seeing the majority of these obstacles on return. Mian Nawaz Sharif said in his last government I used to prevent this painful and insulting and preventable spread of TB disease. Thousands of bicycle rugs were shifted to a cemetery by giving them all motor vehicles in Baipur. Never again seen in a village.

Burma's border is 783 kilometers away from Dhaka and 33 kilometers from the Cox Bazaar. On the other hand, both the Kaks reached the market and from where there was cruelty in place, bones of structures, only linen and vest, on the shoulders on the shoulders both raised the old parents in the towers hundreds of Rohingen Muslims were coming. . Meanwhile the rain started. The whole family had one umbrella, under which they were sitting in a place of space and place. The armed forces of the army were preventing them from moving forward and forced to stay in the road or fields. Because Turkey's president Tayyip had come to anonymity that Bangladesh should take over the opponents.

Young Bengali Guide, with the help of Jamaat-e-Islami's local service, created ten thousand dollars worth of dangers, pulses, cows, sugar, tea flour, worth the market. Seeing two occasions, visiting the vacant camps Both started distributing the goods. Often campus only had children, where parents were searching for empty hands and stomach, food and ration.

God sent them two angels from Pakistan. More than 20,000 refugees are living their lives, the suffering and condition of those who are not seen is seen, no sensitive heart can sleep at night by seeing them. It is the same knowledge on the return of Shukur Sahib, the moment he was talking to, his team was reporting from Bangladesh to the tender, Almithat, who has been appointed for his work, was planned. Is. 1. Canaan, 2.Shalter 3. Session of every four campus is a short-sleeved gum lutheran 8-foot thick and septic tank 4. The edible water is not eaten, can not be cooked for sweet-hooked tubes and tubes. 500 ft excavation quotes have come up to Rs 15 crores on three months project.

They believe that God's servants will do this in a few days, because the Lord is doing this. The quotes were coming and the initial two million crores have been released in front of me. To monitor the entire work, six people working in various countries have also been selected to carry out two numbers and completing the relief work. They will see the completion of the completion

The office of the Turkish Ihmat (IHH) has been opened there and Khalid is also working with them besides the local people [Islamic Aid], the most wonderful thing that Karachi's rich ones have collected five million, In my presence, I came to three young people from the market and took my part, this beauty of this awesome nation has always been a lot of importance. I am thankful for my wife, thanks to my lips. The congregation slogans against wrongdoers like the rest of the nation. Instead of doing any work done timely, well-being and excellent plans.
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